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You know you want a pet.. and if not.... your friend does when christmas rolls around:)

Jefferson County Humane Society has lost their funding. Many cats and dogs will be put down on or after Friday if they do not have homes. The Humane Society has waived the adoption fee for these animals. If you know someone who is interested in adopting an animal please pass on the information. Their website is and contains contact information.

Help the Jefferson County Humane Society!

To prevent the euthanasia of 50 cats and dogs on Friday, Sept. 19th due to a loss of funding.

1. The Jefferson County Humane Society has been told that they must euthanize all but 10 dogs and 10 cats on Friday, Sept 19.
2. Currently, they are housing almost 22 dogs and over 47 cats, leaving roughly 49 animals to be euthanized when the deadline comes.
3. We hope to prevent this tragedy by spreading the word and encouraging people who are considering adopting a new pet to please
visit this week.
4. We would greatly appreciate advice from other people or organizations who may be able to relocate these animals or provide
funding to the shelter.
5. We hope that an outpouring of support this week may minimize the number of animals being housed and maximize funds so the decision may be reversed.

The main phone line for the Humane Society is (850) 342-0244. They will be happy to answer your questions and give you more information about the situation there.

**FYI-Apparently this is true for the most part. They are not going to come in on the 20th and make them euthanize what's left, but the situation is dire and the media is apparently doing a press release on it.**
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